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Rid Depression and Anxiety with Food.

I've tried everything, could food be the one thing that saves me?

Science agrees that food can be a powerful tool for people dealing with depression and anxiety.

She couldn’t feel her arms, her legs, or her feet. She was hysterically crying, and her whole body was hot. She was gasping for breath. She blacked out for 10 minutes and when she came to, her mom was holding her

She started seeing a therapist at 20, which helped — but only so much.

Time poor and Money poor + nursing the most painful broken heart EVER!

I'm starting from the basics. To be honest I'm the kind of person who wants results fast, I've always bolted out of gates and raced for the finish line, spent all my money on everything and anything for the first 7 days and it didn't work and now look at me I'm stuck in depression with an anxiety attack and broke, I knew it, it wasn't goign to fix me I'd say and so the downward cycle began again and again. This time around I'm beggining with a more realistic approach and the idea that it may or may not work but hey anything is going to be better than where I am right now. So its slow and steady for me this time around, I don't need to know and do everything and see results straight away. One thing I have learnt over the years is that if you just do one small thing each day even if you think you might fail at it or its not worth it or the day will never come when you see results, you will actually wake up one day and realise how far along you actually are than where you would have been stuck if you didn't just start and take one tiny step each day. Don't think about it, don't expect results, pretend you don't even care that your doing it, just make it a little routine and habbit, much like brushing your teeth each day.....30 days later, 60 days later, 90 days later you think to yourself hey I'm going to start working towards that body I want or that degree I want or that healthy mind I want and then walllah... guess what your already 30, 30, 90 days on your way, thats a hell of a lot closer starting at day dot....right?

My motto these days is.....

My Let's just start somewhere, time poor and money poor shopping list:



Sweet Potato


Beans (ewww I don't like the texture of beans but hey, I'll try one can for $1)


Turkey mince


Frozen Berries (Fresh is better in everything, but I'mma just doing anything right now)


I'll add as I go and the more I research and make some dosh.

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